May 30

“Dip” into Summer – 2019!

Hello all! It may be summer but we Dips are always thinking ahead, and school will be starting up in no time. So, we will need to get a head start on those Extended Essays by doing the background work while we’re all relaxed, then we can get into the grind of writing once school starts.

Here is what I will need from you on Friday, AUGUST 23rd, 2019:

  • A precisely crafted Research Question. (see the EE Guide for details).
  • A list of sources, with notes of what you expect to get out of them.
  • An outline or abstract (your pick).

Use your cards to access the databases in Dacus Library. Refer to the Guide for details on writing the essay, and the requirements for your subject area. Keep in touch with your advisor as you go. Try to be at the summer meeting if you can be. Text me if you need help.

Notes: Your source list does not have to be in perfect MLA form–titles and authors will do–BUT if you want to save time later, write out the citations. Once you access journal articles inside the library, you should be able to download them onto your computer.

An abstract is simply a description of your project. Technically, you write these once you are done; you’ll see examples when you view articles in the databases. For our purposes, though, it should include the basic scope of your paper–the structure, content, conclusions. Obviously, you can’t write it until you have a good sense of what you will say in your paper. This article might help.